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Excellence Financial Consulting Services

About Us


Our core values of "Knowledge-Integrity-Action" are what has taken Excellence Consulting Services to become one of the most successful and highly recognized divisions of ACA throughout the nation. We are committed to empowering our agents with encouragement and a desire for success not only in their business, but in every aspect of life. Our focus on teaching and constant expansion of knowledge in the financial services industry is what makes our team stand out from others. With our team, you have the freedom and independence to be the best you can be!


Among the several nationwide divisions of American Classic Agency, Excellence Consulting Services has recruited some of the TOP in sales and recruitment.


Inez Stringer is a very genuine person. Her love for individuals is pure. Her love for families is pure. And I know this first hand.

As stubborn as I am, she’s somehow been a guardian angel for my family. She has guided us with with the best insurances that will protect my family’s future if something imminent were to happen. 

Here’s the thing, even though she does offer insurances she’s above that. I’ve known her for several years and not once was she with our family to sell a product. When she did offer it, it was because we were interested and in need of providing a legacy for our family. When we decided to invest in our future with Inez she gave us what we needed not forcing anything on us. 

The best part...even after us using her services, she still check on us just showing how loving and caring she is. Very blessed to have her in our lives. 



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